Hino fan "Weeping cherry tree" with wooden stand and paulownia box

A high-class folding fan for gifts delivered by Ibasen.
(With stand and large paulownia box)

It is a decorative fan that is ideal for indoor point decorations as a gift.

The motif is "weeping cherry tree". In addition, there are "flower wheel" and "red and white plum".

Hino fan Ibasen original fan ... 24 cm
·price ¥ 150,000 (excluding consumption tax)
・ Material Wooden (cypress wood)

Kyoto folding fan "Weeping cherry tree"

The folding fan was born in Kyoto.

It has a long history, dating back to the Heian period.

It is said that the first fan, "Hino-Ogi," was born from a combination of wooden tablets used in place of recording paper during the Heian period, when God was a valuable item.

The first year of the Gangyo era, which was discovered in the arms of the Senju Kannon statue at Toji Temple, is considered to be the oldest cypress fan in Japan.

This cypress fan is an original cypress thin plate with a "weeping cherry tree" pattern combined with the latest techniques of modern lacquer work and the skills of Kyoto craftsmen.

Please think about the old days of Heian and decorate it for a long time.

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