Japanese Cypress Fan "Weeping Cherry Blossom", wooden stand, in paulownia box

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Wooden hinoki fans were created in the early Heian period and were used at court.

Hinoki fans made of hinoki cypress were used for decoration.We will deliver you a high-class fan for decoration.
(with stand and large paulownia box)

This is a decorative fan that is ideal as a gift or as a point of indoor decoration.

The motif is "weeping cherry blossom". There are also "Hanaguruma" and "Kohaku Ume" (red and white plum blossoms).

Hinoki fan (hinoki fan): 24 cm
Price 150,000 yen (consumption tax not included)
Material Wood (Japanese cypress)
Color Silkscreen print

Kyoto fan, hinoki fan "weeping cherry" (Japanese fan)

The fan was born in Kyoto.

Its history is long, dating back to the Heian period.

It is said that the first fan, the "hinoki-fan," was created from a bound together wooden letter used in place of recording paper during the Heian period, when gods were a precious commodity.

The oldest hinoki fan in Japan is said to be the one found in the arm of a statue of the thousand-armed Kannon (Goddess of Mercy) at To-ji Temple, dated to the first year of Genkei era.

This hinoki fan is an original one with a pattern of "weeping cherry blossom" on a thin hinoki cypress sheet, finished by combining the latest techniques of modern maki-e and the skills of Kyoto craftsmen.

We hope you will enjoy displaying it for many years to come, reminiscing about the Heian period.

Size: 7.9

Material: hinoki cypress wood

Pattern: Shidare-zakura" (weeping cherry)

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