2023 New Works] Shibu Fan, Black-green Persimmon-tinted Fan

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Kakishibu means...
Kakishibu is made by pressing astringent persimmon and fermenting and maturing it.
In Japan, persimmon tannin has long been used as a paint, dye, and all-purpose folk medicine.
When applying this natural persimmon tannin, we use a new technology to filter out its distinctive odor. There is no astringent odor, the paper is as strong as before, and it also repels water. It is also made with a side of lacquer, which is also natural, making it even more durable!

Unlike the previous Shibu fan, both sides are the same color.

The black-green color is almost black.

Material: Shibu Japanese paper, bamboo

Made by Ijasen

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