Shimebiki folding fan, double-sided, indigo color [Reprinted in Japanese lacquer], with paulownia wood box and pouch, 7.5cm

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This fan is a reprint of one that was manufactured by Ibasen in the past.

It is made of high quality bamboo in Japan and coated with our original color scheme of Hon Urushi lacquer.
The fan surface is brushed with pigments that match the color of the lacquer, and then brushed over with different brushes in concentric circles. This is a traditional technique that has been called "shikebiki" for a long time.

The set includes an embroidered bag with a shikebiki pattern.

7.5" size(22.5cm)

Washi, genuine lacquer, with fan bag and paulownia box

Made by Ibasen

We will not be able to offer name imprinting service for fans with double-sided patterns, as the colors do not stand out or the ink does not run on the shikebiki side.

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