The hot days are continuing, how are you all doing?

Please stay hydrated and keep cool.

Ibasen has renewed the Ibasen fan bag for 7.5" folding fans in hopes that everyone will carry a fan with them during this hot summer.

We have also started to offer various other sizes of fan bags.

Please find a suitable fan bag for your favorite fan!♪

Size guide for fan bags

For 7.5" size of Edo folding fans, Shikebiki folding fans, and Hon soot bamboo folding fans, the size of the fan bag can be adjusted as follows.For 7.5cm size folding fan

For 6.5" size of Shimeki-Fan and Hon-Susotake-FanFor 6.5cm size folding fan

For Kannishiki Shibu folding fans and national flag folding fansfolding fan 8.5for

For hand towel fan and Edo faceted fan.For 7" folding fans


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