Our annual summer sale is about to begin. Please take advantage of it!☆

☆Summer Sale!☆

Nihonbashi Main Store: Monday, July 31 - Saturday, August 5, 2023

Online store: July 29 (Sat) - August 7 (Mon), 2023

30% off all items except those not included in the sale

At the main store, there are many great deals on set fans, uchiwa fans, Japanese sundries, and more. We are looking forward to seeing you at our store.

Please visit our online store if you cannot come to the main store.

*On July 29 and August 7, only the online store will have sale prices. Please note that the main store will be selling at regular prices.

Excluded from the sale

Sale items, sandalwood, hinoki fans, new Shibu fans, new Ojiya fans, hand-towel fans, name-inserted fans, flower-inserted fans, boxes, Yamato-type uchiwa fans, uchiwa fans, fan paintings, repairs, monet
30% discount for flower vase for the original itemOFFbut not applicable for new flower vases.
*The use of the 10% coupon will be temporarily suspended for the duration of the sale. Thank you for your understanding.

Don't miss this opportunity!
Thank you for your continued support of Ibasen.

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