Thank you for your continued patronage of Ibasen!

We will hold our annual year-end sale.

Please take this opportunity to save on gifts for graduation, retirement, transfers, and other occasions. We also accept noshi (gift wrapping) and wrapping paper.


Nihonbashi Main Store February 6, 2023 (Mon.) - February 17, 2023 (Fri.)

Online Shop From today through Sunday, February 19


The main store has some products that are not listed on the website, such as dancing fans, tea fans, set fans, and Japanese sundries.

Please visit our store and try a fan or an uchiwa fan in your hand to enjoy its color and fragrance.

There are also some limited items available in our online store, so don't miss them!


Sale Outline

Shikibiki folding fans (Kasumi pattern, Hon soot bamboo only), Kannishiki Shibu folding fans, Silk folding fans, National Flag folding fans, Japanese goods50% OFF

Other items30% OFF

☆We are having a special sale on rarely sold hand towel fans for 800 yen including tax!


Excluded from the sale

Sale items, Imasyo 12 months fan, Ukiyoe fan, Byakudan, Hinoki fan, Name imprinting fee, Flower imprinting fee, Box fee


Sale prices may differ from the above. Please note that the sale price may differ from the above.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for your continued support of Ibasen.

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