There are only four fans with roses already painted on them.

You can make your own original fan by combining silk fans of your favorite rose design and color.

★Flower pattern for May: "Wild rose" from "Hand-painted

★Please choose "Rose 1" or "Rose 2" from the hand-painted floral pattern of the year, and we will make a silk folding fan for you.

Please choose a silk fan of your favorite color. Each one is hand-drawn, so the color and shape will be different. It is your one and only fan in the world.

Price of silk fan: 10,000 yen
Fee for hand-painted flower pattern: 5,000 yen

We also offer name imprinting service at the same time as flower pattern hand-painting. *Flowers will also be placed on the fan bag. If you would like a plain color, please contact us with a memo. Please allow 10 days to 2 weeks for delivery.

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