This season,Retirement of a boss who has taken good care of youandRetirement or transfer of colleagues and subordinates who have worked together as comradesand other times when colleagues and subordinates who have worked together as comrades retire or move on.

How about sending a fan with a message or name on it to that special person who has been a great help to you? It is the best gift to express your gratitude.

At Ibasenpersonalized fansandNoshiand noshi (gift wrapping) are also available.

How about a fan as a gift for your boss or colleagues with an auspicious meaning and a message to thank them for their kindness, and to wish them good luck and success in their new position?

Each fan has its own meaning, and among them, there are many that have a good omen meaning, such as hanji-mono, which is a type of fan that is used to cover the significance in the characters and pictures.

▼ Among them, Ijasen'sMa ku go (It will go well)."is one of the most popular products, and it is a truly auspicious fan that says all will go well.

DragonflyIt is also called "victory insect" or "shogun insect" and was favored by warriors, so it is perfect for bosses and colleagues who have fought together on the battlefield of the workplace.

Edo folding fan, Bakku go (go well): ▶︎


Edo folding fan, dragonfly stripe, indigo ▶︎


Chidori, staggered.The "Chidori" also represents "victory" and "abundance," and its cute chidori pattern has a nostalgic charm.

GourdsThe gourd also has the meaning of "good luck," "prosperity," "business prosperity," "good health," etc., and also has the meaning of "repelling evil spirits" because its narrow shape sucks them in and keeps them away.

Edo fan, Chidori (red) ▶︎

Edo folding fan, gourd stripe, purple ▶︎

For women and flower-loving bosses or colleagues, we recommend the silk fan, which can also be handwritten with the flower of your birth month or favorite month on it.

The most popular flower we recommend every year is "Cherry Blossom" in March.

To Silk fan, flower pattern for March, hand-painted price + Silk fan, March Cherry Blossoms ▶︎

Silk fan with a cherry blossom pattern for March Please order your favorite color.

Silk fan, strawberry color, with cherry blossom insert

Silk folding fan, dewdrop scroll color, with cherry blossom design

Stately and elegantKan-nishiki Shibu Sensu (Japanese folding fan)andShikebiki fanare also popular products.

Kannishiki Shibu Senshi Green Kakishiki Shibu Senshi ▶︎

Shimebiki fan, green, for men ▶︎

We hope you will be pleased to choose a message, name, or flowers for that special person in your life. We would be happy to help you send them a special gift that is different from the rest to show our appreciation.

We have a large assortment of products in our store as well as in our online store. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Update on March 4, 2023

Published on Feb 27, 2021

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